• Intelligence Services of Texas
    Intelligence Services of Texas

    Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism.

  • Texas based with Global Connections
    Texas based with Global Connections

    Access to International Networks.

  • Security Consultants and Investigators
    Security Consultants and Investigators

    Experience and professionalism you can count on.


  • IST Investigations

    IST investigators have served Clients throughout the United States for more than a decade. Our investigators are experienced and trustworthy, providing investigative assistance in a wide range of cases including civil, criminal, employment matters and more. We have successfully managed investigations on cases that were too controversial for an in-house investigator to handle.



  • Security Consultations

    Mayors, City Managers, Council Representatives and other Government Officials have engaged our team of Security Consultants to deliver real-world experience on serious matters of great concern. IST delivers creative and effective solutions based on our specialized security experience that has been fine-tuned to respond to the totality of circumstances in each Client's unique situation.



  • Vulnerability Assessments

    The stark reality of our time is that schools, churches, and our workplaces have been violently assaulted by terrorists and criminals with no regard for human life. IST's Security Consultants have real-world experience assessing, reporting and resolving the vulnerabilities in our Client's residences, workplaces and community locations. Each location has its own set of nuances which must be appreciated and addressed.